How to install HP9000 Server from Ignite Server

This is a brief Description of loading HP-UX from Ignite Server for PA Systems.

1. Power on the Server if not already done. Either switch it on if not then from console screen   Press CTRL+B (except K580 servers, where you  have to manually  switch off and on)  

2. Just hit enter for user name and password when prompted if not any or provide user ID &  password. (Except for RP4440, RP7410 & higher  machines  including Superdome, there you  have to type Admin as default user name & password or user & pwd )

 3. Type RS or rs and hit enter and follow the instruction. For 7410 & higher including Superdome, type CM for command menu and  then type   rs and hit enter. It    will ask which partition you want to reset. Choose and follow.

 4. After machine rebooted it will come to "BCH" (boot control handler) menu and wait for 10 seconds. Hit enter or any key within 10 seconds to    stop it.

5. Then type " bo install" for generic load or "sea" to search for the tape/dlt/lto drive in case you need to load OE/OS from  make_recovery tape.  (Replace for actual IP for Ignite Server or you can use  "bo lan install" )

6. Type "n" and hit enter when asked "Interact with IPL"

7. The tape drive will show as sequential media. Select the appropriate one if you know or pick  one until you get the proper one.  

8. If you are loading from Ignite tape you might not have to do anything if it is same kind of machine. Otherwise you have to hit  enter couple of  times. And it will continue. In case of generic load select the appropriate OS version and hit enter (for RP4440, RP7410 and higher machine  including Superdome you can't    load HPUX 11.0, Only 11i works there). Then login to ignite server from  another screen to find out the IP which is assigned for that server. To do that simply   cat /etc/hosts and grep for that name.

9. Once you get the IP address. Come back to the console of the server you are loading and select "install HP-UX" and hit enter

10. Select OK for guided installation.

11. Select the first card lan0 or if you have the hardware address of the network card used use that one.

12. Then press CTRL+C or wait for 30 seconds to cancel DHCP

13. Then type in the information like host name and the IP you got from Ignite Server. Probably after typing the hostname and IP  address if you press tab all informations likely to be filled automatically. If not please follow next.

14. When prompted type in the proper information like server name & IP address. If Ignite Server and if any boot helper is there and  setup properly then you might not need to put Ignite Server IP. Otherwise put the IP/Subnet and gateway information, if any you can use the same IP as gateway which you used for this Server.

15. Check the configuration if it is the same you want to load then "tab" to "OK" button and hit enter, Then press "n" for next or if not then hit   enter and it will show you the list. Choose the appropriate one and "tab" to next. Check the environment. It should be 64 bit by default except for K-class servers, where you need to select 64 bit manually from the menu.

16. Then press next for the root disk. Press next for root swap. Next for file system, unless you have specific information for file systems or change the sizes you need for each file systems.

17. Then tab to next for the available disks. If the screen looks messy please hit "CTRL+L" any time to refresh the screen. This is standard for all Unix platforms.

18. Choose next for language (default is English).

19. Next for next screen. Then again "n" for no". Then "n" for next. And "f" for finish. And you are done.