Few Ignite-UX Settings

How to change the speed setting for the Ignite-UX net install

# instl_adm -d      (see the current settings)

# instl_adm -d >/tmp/instl_adm.original (Save the original setting in case)

# instl_adm -d >/tmp/instl_adm.out

# vi /tmp/instal_adm.out     ( And the setting will be like this)

# instl_adm defaults:
# NOTE: Manual additions between the lines containing "instl_adm defaults"
# and "end instl_adm defaults" will not be preserved.
# end instl_adm defaults.
dhcp_class_id="Ignite-UX_Ignite -G"
( lan[].driver == "btlan" | lan[].driver == "gelan" )
_hp_lanadmin_args="-X 100FD"
} else {
( lan[].driver == "igelan" )
_hp_lanadmin_args="-X auto_on"
env_vars += "INST_ALLOW_WARNING=5"

After chaging the setting you need to run
# instl_adm -f /tmp/instl_adm.out
Now verify the settings
# instl_adm -d to see the defaults again and run
# instl_adm -T
( look at the man page of instl_adm it has lot more information and examples)

How to include entire root volume group and another volume group with make_tape_recovery
# make_tape_recovery -A -s myserver -x inc_entire=vg00 -x inc_entire=vg01 -a /dev/rmt/0m